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As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, fake job ads have become more common. Many recruitment agencies and employers have been known to post fake job advertisements to fill a position that is not actually available. In fact, this practice has become so frequent that it has been named “The Job Scam”. With so many companies advertising their vacancies, it can be hard to know which ones are legitimate. However, if you come across a job ad on our site that doesn’t seem right, or if the company doesn’t seem to fit your experience or qualifications, please report it. This way, we can ensure that only genuine job ads are displayed on our site and help to avoid scams from being offered. We would really appreciate it if you can help us keep our website clean and safe. Thank you!


It would be helpful if you could explain why you are making the request. The following are a few of the reasons.

  1. It doesn’t appeal to me.
  2. Clearly, it is spam.
  3. I find it offensive.
  4. There is a mistake in the phone number.
  5. The email address is incorrect.
  6. No job offer has been made.
  7. Scam alert! This job offer is fake.
  8. The job is not related to the United Arab Emirates.

If you’ve reported a job ad on, we will take it down within 12 hours. The ad will be removed and the advertiser will be informed about the potential consequences of posting fake job ads. We appreciate your patience.

Important Note: Your report ad will be confirmed via email if it has been approved.

Please send us an email with the appropriate subject line if you want to complain. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Subject: Include “Ad Report” at the top of the email.
Our Quick Response Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
Our Response Timing: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM (UTC+4 Time-Zone)

Regards, Team